Yummy recipes for the Single Parent

We all have to deal with the challenges of life and some of us more so when facing parenting alone.  If you are like me then you have the willingness to provide your family with food options that do not take much effort and time to prepare, are healthy and last but not least satisfies our taste buds. I have gathered some recipes from other Single Parents and a couple I have used myself to share with you. Hopefully you too can enjoy cooking while keeping little souls content and satisfied.

Corn and Noodle Fritters
Taste.com.au offers a HUGE range of delicious receipes for kids of all sizes.

Corn and Noodle Fritters

Susihi Rolls
Healthy Kids is an incentive from the Australian Government and has a great
array of recipes for all meal ideas.


Pizza Pinwheels
Kidspot is a great source on everything and anything including recipes for kids.


Beef bulgogi stir-fry
BBC Good Food – globally known for all their great recipes including tasty and easy ones that even teenagers can handle.


Slow Cooker Pulled Beef
Martha Stewart – known for anything and everything around the home including fabulous recipes for all ages.

4 Ingredients Fudget Protein Brownies
Yummly – awesome site that customises your recipes based on your preferences.


Low Fat Cheesecake (my son’s favourite)
Foodnetwork – any foodie will know this site – offering great recipe ideas for all levels and all needs and wants to do with food.

low fat cheese cake


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