Penny for your thoughts…

If you’re anything like me, silence can be deafening.

I remember as a child going to meditation camps and struggling so hard with the daily routine of zoning out, finding our Zen and just being – quiet. I have always battled with the concept of stillness and quietness. In reflection, I found/find silence to be empty in some way. A feeling of isolation perhaps and freedom for my mind to wander more than usual which definitely at times can be detrimental.

You have a moment to be still, to stop and reflect, recharge or just be. The music is not playing, the television is off, you’re home alone or the kids are sleeping, at school, entertaining themselves and all is quiet – but it’s not.

You can hear the windchime’s melody; the traffic in the distance; the train pulling into the station which is kilometres away; the neighbours garage door opening/closing as they leave or come home for the day; the clock aguishly ticking or the monotone sound of that tap dripping.

Depending on the time of day if all is “quiet” you could hear those around you leaving for work and the sound of the car engine running as it warms up;  the shower running as loved ones or roomies prepare for their day; the school bell ringing its tune hustling the children to class; buses pulling in and out of their stops collecting passengers to or from work; the sound of an email being received on the computer or phone; the motorbike idling as the postman delivers the mail.

The twittering of a minor bird or the screeching of a cockatoo; helicopters hovering over nearby motorways monitoring the traffic flow; the laughter and screams of delighted kids coming home after school; the cat meowing to come in for her nightly feed; the neighbouring dogs chatting through a bark; the clinking of dishes in ready for the evening meal; the waves and chime tones sonorously through the phone’s speaker to help you sleep.

We are surrounded by noise and there is no escaping that fact. It’s how we choose to deal with that noise if at all. There are many who wouldn’t put any thought into the sounds that surround them. Then there are those who are like me and have struggled with the quiet.  We need to learn to embrace the silence.

When thinking about it, we are never truly alone as we will always be accompanied by sound. As I continue on my transformation path (it’s lifelong), and while I continue to learn, change and reflect, I am learning to appreciate the little things. This is something I want to teach my son, that being still and listening to what is around you could in fact have the answers you need. With the stress of exams, study, learning life’s lessons, having silence can be a great thing for him – for all of us!

“Silence isn’t empty. It’s full of answers”.

Love, light & snuggles 🙂

Sometimes pain can be our best teacher…

Teardrops fall upon your face
The smile that once shined fades,
The laughter that deafened friend’s ears
Now silenced and frayed.

The pain takes its toll
Signs are starting to show,
The heart is wanting to give
But must beat for the blood to flow.

Your faith in hope has weakened
Eyes tired and your energy is low,
Your child keeps you going…just
That brave face is on show.

The signs will start to fade away
That smile will resurface…eventually,
Tears will dry, the sun will shine
the child will be your remedy.

A reflection of the past…

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For some reason I feel inclined to share with you a poem I wrote.  This particular poem as I have always written poetry has a place very close to my heart.  After I broke up with my son’s father, I did not write or sing for over two years.  I didn’t feel the passion inside me and both writing and singing has always been a passion of mine. I then after many years met a guy who I thought possibly could be the one.  He inspired me enough to write poetry again. Sadly, he did not see the significance in this and had lost the original.  This poem in which I am sharing with you, was actually entered in an international poetry competition. I did have to cull the wording so it is half of the original size.  To my surprise I made it to one of the semi finalists and it got published in a book called “Timeless Voices”, my poem is the first one you read.  Wow, the first one. I do not really know if it was a scam or not and I wont go there. I have always wanted to publish two books. One of the books I dream of is to publish all of my poems I have written over the years and the other…I’m still working on that theme.

I remember being at an event and there was a popular journalist there for The Australian. We got talking about writing and I was saying how wonderful his job would be. He turned to me and said, “But I cannot say I am a published poet”. Those words will forever be inscribed in my brain and for that acknowledgement, I feel I have accomplished one of my dreams.  Please enjoy as I share with you something that has such significance in my life.

The journey of love

The wind is blowing in my hair
The feeling of freedom within
The sunset is in the distance
And so our journey begins

The sun rises, what a glorious day
The rays streaming through the trees
The breeze is nurturing and soft
You by my side, oh yes please

True as the nature around us
Which moves like our surroundings
Yet feelings of purity between us
The heart keeps on pounding

When on loses its breath
And the heart skips a beat
The fear of losing such vision
And giving in to defeat

Defeat of the heart
That someone like you can take
The reality of this journey
The scenery we can make

Love, Light and Peace 🙂 xo