A blast from the past

I’ve slowly been going through odds bits and pieces and found a couple of poems that I have written when I was younger. I’m kicking myself for not keeping copies of all of my poems I have written over time as there were many and all with significance.

I pledge as a promise to myself that poetry is something I will revisit again…

The one I am about to share with you was for an old love. It’s quite interesting looking at the words I have used and the motions I have questioned. It would be interesting to see how I would write about a love today…if I were in love.

I like to give as it makes me feel good
I like to love the way everyone should.
I like to feel alive and go with the flowI like to be wild when I can and let myself go.

I’d like to know the world’s a safe place
and keep a smile without saving face.
I’d like to see happiness with all around
while keeping both feet on the ground.

I’d like to feel love, the way I give out
I’d like to feel respected and feel no doubt.I’d like to feel secure with the world and myself
while feeling loved and full of wealth.

I’d like to know that I can trust
I’d like to communicate as that’s a must.
I’d like to associate with all of his lifeI’d like to feel all of this without having to be his wife.

I’d like him to know this and to understand
and to know it’s not that bad for a woman to love a man.
I’d like ot be happy just happy with me
while being happy with him and for him to love thee.

What is your TOP 5?

image by littlecrafties.co.uk


Today as I was enjoying a coffee with a girlfriend after working out at the gym we were discussing bits and pieces and then out of no where, I asked her “if you could give your children five bits of advise, what would they be”?

We stopped, I had three listed at first and my girlfriend listed her five, yet we both had to place much thought into it.  I am sure as life goes on, my list will change, yet for now…

Mine for now are:

Life has no guarantees
You will get far in life if you have great manners
Be true to yourself and others
Respect yourself and others
Communication is the key to all relationships

I’m now wanting to know, what would your top five tips be to your little souls?