Intention Vs Reality

The intention was to document the trip of a lifetime.

A journey I had planned and saved so long for.  I wanted to write about the holiday for my own benefit, but I also had the intent to blog about the experience of travelling and exploring different cultures with a teenager.  The intention was to share it all with you…

The reality is obviously this didn’t happen. We’ve been home now just under two weeks and here I am writing to you for the first time before we actually left.

The reality was that we had issues with Wi-Fi and the Internet and gaining access to these via the laptop whilst overseas. I also had trouble with accessing the photos taken from our new camera due to the Wi-Fi problem and the two, the photos and the story seemed the perfect marriage, one would not work without the other.

So now, my intention hasn’t changed and I still intend to share our journey with you and also some of my tips on travelling with a teenager, yet the format will be different to how I first imagined due to the reality of then and now.

My reality now is time.  We’ve returned quite exhausted as it was a full on three weeks of adventure with very little R&R time thrown in. I’m currently searching for permanent and extra work (which ever comes first) as well as doing what work I have, trying to get my son back into routine and the normal parenting duties, being there for my beautiful Nan one day a week plus, a few curve balls thrown in to make it more interesting.

‘Intention’ and ‘Reality’ can work together, it’s working out the best way how. This has been a great lesson for me.

My intent is to write regularly and the reality is this can happen!

Love, Light, and Snuggles xo


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