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How stressed do you feel?  Are you managing? Do you have any negative thoughts?

According to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald, the workplace is creating more stress with 13% of people fearing for their emotional or physical safety in their job.  The highest group at risk is middle-aged single parents, or so says the national survey conducted by the campaign titled “R U OK?”

I query the survey and predict the outcome would be different if conducted on a larger scale. I do not feel anyone has the right or can pinpoint and decipher an ‘age group’ of who is stressed more than someone else whilst juggling work and single parenthood.  Technically anyone who is in a similar position would be facing the same challenges.  I am not a middle age person, although a single parent and found some of the harder times I encountered were when I was younger.  Over time I have become stronger, more assertive, and further balanced in life generally.  This is because of the experience and knowledge I have gathered over the years, not due to the age group I belong too.

The value in the article is when it discusses the importance of asking your work colleagues, family and friends if they are ok and to take note of any changes in behaviour as they can act as clues revealing something is not right.

According to ‘R U OK’ Director, Mr Cowan, ‘work stress has become pervasive, with many feeling it on a daily basis’.

Particularly surprising was that half of all people said they didn’t think management had procedures in place to make sure that little problems didn’t turn into big problems”, said Mr Cowan.

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If more people are aware of those around them and take a little more interest, perhaps stress levels will reduce and more of us will feel supported and in control of our own situations.

I have found at times in despair not knowing where to turn. I have undergone counselling at periodically with a professional and within my personal network. I try to talk openly yet sometimes I am withdrawn and there has been occasions when all I have to say is “I am not so good” without elaborating, luckily my friends and family pick up the clues and checked to make sure I am ok.

The article is right in drawing attention to ways we can reduce stress and depression no matter which so-called group we belong too. Perhaps a simple question is all it takes, so I am asking you, Are you ok?

Lifeline – 13 11 14
Suicide Call Back Service – 1300 659 467


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